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Thrilling the people I work with is my end goal.

Here's a few stories from the ones I've helped recently.

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Matt's depth of automation experience and positive, "let's make it happen" attitude brought a great buoyancy to our team at a difficult time in a tough project. The infrastructure automation he helped us build smashed our customer's expectations, bringing environment provisioning down from 5 days of manual work, to 45 minutes fully-automated.

James Belbin

Delivery Lead at Loud & Clear

Australia's leading independent experience agency

We partnered with Matt to build and deliver the Refactor series of workshops, aimed at giving Junior developers the tools they need to survive and thrive. Matt's experience, knowledge and passion for building the next generation of devs made this initiative an awesome experience for all involved. The feedback from participants was incredible, and the content extremely valuable.

LJ Kenward

Co-Founder at JuniorDev

Global community for Junior Developers

Working with Matt brought us to a new level of maturity in the way we build and deploy software. While we had some automation in place, we weren't really realising the benefits. Matt helped us break through this plateau by dramatically decreasing build times, enabling zero-downtime deployments, and ultimately helping us move from monthly releases, to multiple times a day.

Matt Baumgartner

Global CIO at Servcorp

Recognised leader in shared workspace & technology solutions



There were huge gaps in my knowledge having only done development for less than 2 years. Most of the gap has been filled by attending the workshop. I think I have a pretty solid basic understand of how it all works. The most exciting thing for me was getting the app up and running through auto deployment. That was a huge hallelujah moment for me!

Just having the knowledge and being able to contribute to discussions at work has already helped my confidence by a mile.

Jenny Tran


Refactor: Build & Deploy Workshop

Matt was tremendously helpful in supporting me externally while I have undertook my first team lead role. He was always available, and reliably communicated in helping me address the challenges of learning to be a leader. Whether it's talking, email or SMS, he is always upbeat while providing constructive advice, which is truly appreciated.

Andrew Bowen

Career Mentee

Readify mentoring program

This was the first time I have worked as a consultant, and I really believe that it couldn't have been made any easier for a first timer like me, with you leading the team. I learned so much about consulting from you, and am still learning. I always admire how you can motivate and direct us to work with different responsibilities to improve ourselves. That shows you are not only a good leader of the team, you also want us to become more mature in our approaches. I am proud to have started my new career journey with you.

Zp Bappi


Readify engagement

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