Trivialise your releases

Reduce cost, stress and risk

"Boring" is how software releases should be described: such an uneventful activity that you can do it in the middle of the trading day, without worrying.

Not currently the case?

Here's the ways we can work together to take your software team to the next level of productivity, while reducing your stress, costs and risk.

Image representing the Delivery Health Check service

Delivery Health-check

You know things aren't working, but have no idea where to start.

The Delivery Health-check is a same-day diagnostic that gives you measurement of how your team's deployment practices stack up against industry expectations.

This is a no-obligation service. You choose how to use the insights gained: reflect and improve internally, engage another partner, or continue to work with me.


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Image representing the Personalised Training service

Personalised Training

Your team is keen-as-mustard to make positive change, but they just don't have the experience behind them.

You don't have months to spare while they figure it out.

Accelerate your success with a tailored training program that will rapidly build knowledge and confidence within the team to improve your systems for years to come.

Continuous Delivery training is a great way to ignite your team's excitement.


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Image representing the On-Tap Advice service

On-Tap Advice

You need answers for your team, when they need them - but not a full-time staff member.

This is perfect for teams who have some experience with continuous delivery, but need a bit of help from time-to-time to validate ideas, test new approaches, and get soft-touch guidance on the journey to automation bliss.

Much more affordable than hiring a full-time consultant or staff member, you get peace of mind and ability to unblock your team as they need it, by phone, email or Slack.


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Image representing the Continuous Delivery Roadmap service

Continuous Delivery Roadmap

You aren't where you want to be, and need a longer-term strategy.

When you've tried multiple approaches to improve your delivery capability, but nothing seems to be working, sometimes you need some outside guidance to help set your direction. Your personalised Continuous Delivery Roadmap will be built out over a couple of weeks, deeply understanding your current state and where you've come from, and providing a path forward to get you to a point where you have the capability to release at any time you choose.

Get deep knowledge and experience with continuous delivery approaches on your side, with this unique strategic service.


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Image representing Continuous Delivery projects

Continuous Delivery Project

You need results, fast.

A continuous delivery project will get you to a specific business outcome in the shortest space of time possible. Whether that's drastically improving team morale by eliminating out-of-hours deployments, getting your customers back loving you again by eliminating downtime for releases, or preventing hefty regulatory fines by ensuring auditing and traceability of your deployed software.

This premium service will deliver rapid results, guaranteed.


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