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10 years ago, software development practices were drastically different to today. Releases were measured in years, deployments measured in months, and bugs measured in thousands. Today's market for great developers is incredibly competitive, and finding anyone worth hiring is incredibly challenging. Maintaining these old practices is a recipe for disaster, which plays out in these ways:

  • Your deployment costs and risk are incredibly high - failures and rollbacks are the norm
  • System downtime annoys customers and reduces business stakeholders' trust
  • Prolific bugs in production hurt your brand, and destroy your team's motivation
  • Senior Devs who you've invested hundreds of thousands to find and retain, constantly leave for "more exciting" work

The reality of today's competitive, developer job market: modernise your practices, or suffer.

This is where my consulting services come in. I'm a Software Delivery Consultant who helps CIOs, Heads of Development and Development Managers build and retain happy, productive development teams by modernising their delivery practices. I have a strong history of leading teams to success, and love sharing my thoughts with the community via workshops, talks and my blog.

If your development team is struggling with being able to deliver software reliably, consistently and with confidence, here's some ways I can help:

Delivery Modernisation Projects

I take on project work focused on Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment, Test Automation, and the journey to Continuous Delivery. You work with me directly to reduce your team's costs and risk, eliminate manual deployment work, provide autonomy to your developers, and create a happier environment for building great software.

Price: per-project

Continuous Delivery Roadmap

Full-blown Continuous Deployment isn't for everyone, but all teams can benefit from going on the journey to being able to continuously deploy, if you wanted to. I'll evaluate your team's current state, and provide a personalised, actionable roadmap to implement over time. The roadmap will cover both technology and cultural change considerations, and there are no follow-up obligations: you're free to chip away at the recommendations yourself, or take it to another partner for help.

Price: AU$5,000

Deployment Advisory Retainer

If you've got a Dev, DevOps or Release team who are keen, but don't have the experience necessary to realise the Continuous Delivery vision, get my knowledge and experience behind you. Your retainer gives the team unlimited access to my knowledge and experience via phone, email and chat. Monthly, quarterly and annual plans available.

Price: $4,000/month

All prices listed are ex-GST. Services provided by Matt Hilton Consulting, ABN 48367931692.