Software Delivery


I'm a .NET deployment expert who guides software teams to continuous delivery, so they can benefit from lower risk, greater confidence and faster feedback in delivering software.

With over 10 years experience in delivering quality .NET software, I'm passionate about enabling software teams to unlock the benefits of automation pioneered by tech trailblazers like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

I've worked with a multitude of customers across finance, energy, not-for-profit, services, Software-as-a-Service, HR, tourism, government and industry.

I help

I'm at my best when working hands-on with teams of 5-20 developers, who are building custom .NET software.

I have deep knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Octopus Deploy, VSTS and TeamCity. Outside these specialties, I have working experience with majority of the other tools commonly-used to automate delivery in the .NET ecosystem.

Though I believe in learning concepts over tools, I don't work in other areas (eg AWS), because there's definitely others with better depth-of-knowledge of those ecosystems than me.

I don't work with organisations in the gambling, tobacco or alcohol industries.

I work

I believe in building capability within your team - "teach a person to fish", as they say. Majority of my work is done on-site to achieve this.

When you engage my services, you always work with me directly.

I never price my work by the hour or day, as I believe ongoing hourly contracts are beneficial to no-one. I focus instead on the business outcomes and value we're going to achieve together.

My consulting services are designed to provide solutions for organisations at a range of maturity levels, with options to suit your level of urgency and budget.

Let's achieve zero-friction software delivery together.